What does professional discretion mean? How safe are my personal data?

The basis for our treatment is the therapeutic obligation to secrecy regulated by law. The treatment in PsM is anonym.


Is there also a medical treatment?

Yes. When indicated, we offer medical treatment besides psychotherapy.


Do I have to be a pedophiliac to take part in?

No. There are various reasons why people commit sexual offences or fear they might do so. For example, the wish to exercise power or to feel superior. We treat all people at risk to commit child sexual abuse – irrespective of the reasons.


What do I have to bring to the first appointment?

The first meeting takes place without any obligation. So you don't have to bring anything. Relevant documents (e.g. medical reports, verdicts, expert testimonies) will be of interest.


Am I able to participate if I am still in an open prison treatment at the moment?

Generally, participation out of an open prison treatment is possible from our side, but individual regulations must be found.


What does the therapy cost?

The therapy is free of charge for participants. The project is funded by the Ministry for Social Affairs of Lower Saxony, the University Medical Center Göttingen and the Asklepios Clinic Göttingen.