The treatment

Our offer addresses men and women who are sexually attracted to children or adolescents but do not want to act on this. It is also for users of child pornography.

Our treatment uses a state-of-the art cognitive behavioral approach. In practice, we identify risk situations and develop strategies in order to deal with them We act on the assumption that people commit acts of abuse in order to satisfy certain needs. Therefore, an essential part of the therapy is to identify these needs and to learn socially acceptable ways of satisfying them. We primarily offer group therapy; in special cases individualized personal instruction is possible, too.

In order to guarantee a good therapeutic cooperation, clients should be intrinsically motivated. The treatment is free of charge for patients and is carried out under professional discretion.


We offer:

  • Initial consultation without obligations carried out under professional discretion
  • Support and guidance in critical situations
  • Comprehensive psychological and medical diagnostic according to current scientific standards
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in single or group setting (duration of about 12-18 months)

Our goals:

  • Protecting children and teenagers from sexual assaults
  • Developing patients' personal strengths and increasing self-acceptance as well as life-satisfaction
  • Developing individual prevention and self-control strategies